Welcome to Paulex Environmental

Welcome to Paulex Environmental’s new website.

Founded in 1995, Paulex Ltd. has evolved from a small family business supplying oil and chemical absorbents, into a multi-faceted company providing specialist pollution control products and services, landfill solutions and environmental consulting throughout the UK and overseas.

At Paulex Environmental you will find a complete range of products for the containment, storage, control, remediation and clean up of oil, chemical and general pollution spills.

You will also find details regarding our specialist services including emergency oil spill response, oil spill remediation, contaminated land remediation, spill response training, alternative landfill covers, odour control, landfill services and specialist consultancy within the ground and groundwater environment.

We are delighted to report that Paulex Environmental has merged with Seed Environmental Ltd, which has its headquarters in Suffolk and branches throughout the UK. More details.